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Zip Ties 24-Pack

For FitBark 2

Want to be able to move your FitBark 2 between different collars? It's easy! You'll need 2 zip ties each time. Your FitBark 2 comes with 8 zip ties, and here's a pack with 24 extra.

8 USD(approx. 7 GBP)VAT included

Your FitBark 2 plays well with...

FitBark 2FitBarkCare+

Extend warranty to 2 years and get full coverage for acts of dog!

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Wi-FiBase Station

Always-on hub that
syncs any FitBark or FitBark 2 nearby

60 USD(approx. 49 GBP)
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FitBark 2Colored Cover

Let your pup's true colors shine with a signature FitBark 2 cover.

8 USD(approx. 7 GBP)
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FitBark 2Charging Cable

Misplaced that charging cable? Let us send you a new one.

13 USD(approx. 11 GBP)
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